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Apple Bobbing - Vote for Catie

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VOTE FOR CATIE SAMARAS, member of the KEEN Chicago Board of Directors!

ABOUT Apple BobbaLooza

By making a donation to Catie's fundraising campaign, you are increasing her chances of being a finalist in the live apple bobbing contest during KEEN Chicago's HalloKEENfest event. Vote for Catie by making a donation of at least $5.00 here, and, we hope to see you for our virtual gala on October 16, 2020! Learn more about HalloKEENfest at


EVEN DURING A PANDEMIC, KEEN Chicago CONTINUES TO empower youth with disabilities.

“The online sessions are a miracle. My daughter enjoys the activities and participates independently." Michele, KEEN Parent

“After KEEN, I’m pretty tired, it’s exercise!” Cameron, KEEN Athlete

By providing free one-to-one programs of exercise, fitness and fun, led by volunteer coaches, KEEN fosters confidence, self-esteem, and community inclusion for youth with disabilities. Although we can’t meet in person, our programming has pivoted to incorporate more “together” time than ever before, providing regular opportunities for connection and movement. During this time, movement and connection is more important than ever before, and we hope you will support our efforts with a donation.