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Dance-a-Thon 2020_Team Asher

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Team Asher!
Awesome Foundation Chicago 

About Asher: Asher is an active and determined athlete. Asher loves to play basketball, football, and run under the parachute. 
Age: 18 | Program: KEEN Sports | Length of Participation: 9 Years

Help us raise $1,500 for KEEN Chicago's programming, 
enough to support 6 months of participation for athletes like Asher!

Donations of all amounts make an impact!

Donations of all amounts make an impact!
$10 funds an athlete for one session.
$25 purchases KEEN Art supplies for two sessions.
$50 purchases new KEEN Sports supplies.
$100 supports one swim session for 8 athletes.
$250 hosts two sports sessions for 30 athletes.
$500 supports one athlete for 8 weeks.
$1,000 funds monthly special events for 6 months (, kickball).
$1,500 supports one athlete’s participation for 6 months.

KEEN Chicago provides free fitness and recreation programs to kids and young adults age 5-21 with disabilities. Since KEEN’s programming is free for all participating athletes, the program relies on donations and support from the community to continue programming.