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Community radio stations offer something truly unique in the media landscape. At KDNK, our mission is to provide public access radio that connects community members to one another and the world.

KDNK is here because of you. Your support of this local broadcasting institution has enabled us to continue to win awards, offer trainings, and bring you so much unique music over the years.

Since 1983, KDNK has been serving the information and entertainment needs of our listeners. Thank you for helping us continue onward.

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Dave Dudley donated $15 on 4/18/2021
Joanie W Haggerty donated $60 on 4/17/2021
I am donating this because of Neil Jungs shows. He is the best!!!!!
Matthew Wells donated $25 on 4/17/2021
Mixed Black lab, great dane and pit mule If found call Matt 9703099019
Matt Webster donated $60 on 4/17/2021
Susan C donated $25 on 4/17/2021
Love Bluegrass with Mustard. Lots of variety and lots of great info about the music. My dog is Bunny-he would love a pet tag
Business Level All Mountain Plumbing & Heating Inc donated $150 on 4/17/2021
I phoned in on monday billy bobbs show for business level. I dont think you got my credit card info correct so Im donateing now.
by Anonymous donated $20 on 4/16/2021
Thank you!
Mike and Tami Cassetty donated $10 on 4/16/2021
Jean Alberico donated $60 on 4/16/2021
Please do not send any premiums
Amber van Berlo & Matthew McDonnell donated $120 on 4/16/2021
Thank you for everything y'all do!
Logan Fletcher donated $5 on 4/16/2021
by Anonymous donated $60 on 4/16/2021
Lady Townes Van Zandt donated $25 on 4/16/2021
Lady Townes Van Zandt loves Flyin the Coop and DJ Kenailo's show! Keep playing the old country and long live KDNK! woof!
Tim Borden donated $10 on 4/16/2021
Deborah Korbel donated $60 on 4/16/2021
Thank you for the morning news, rhythm, and up beat flow of community radio!
Leah Karotkin and Albert Bronson donated $10 on 4/16/2021
Making this donation for our favorite DJ Mamabird and her Baby Bird and our favorite show, Flow Diggity.
Christine Burke and Mike Gross donated $100 on 4/16/2021