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KBUT 2017 Winter Fund Drive

Fundraising global stats: 77% left

Amount raised: $10,272

Amount left: $34,728

KBUT is listener-supported radio. That means we need your support to stay on the airwaves. Help KBUT continue to bring you the programming and services you rely on. Make a donation right now. Don't wait! Help us reach our Winter 2017 fundraising goal.
   Recent Activity
Dana Andersen donated $104 on 3/4/2017
Big fan of The Aloha Connection!
Beth Marcue donated $60 on 3/3/2017
KBUT is awesome.
The Minister of Enjoyment II donated $51.88 on 3/2/2017
I may be often loud and rarely in tune, but KBUT is always on point. Playin' Thru!
B.R. Lively donated $50 on 2/23/2017
Cheers to the folks at KBUT Radio! Let's keep the grooves spinnin!
Allison Floyd donated $10.38 on 2/22/2017
by Anonymous donated $150 on 2/22/2017
Good job Budly Jones
Bob & Deb Miller donated $51.88 on 2/21/2017
Listening from Waynesville NC (previously from NantucketMA) Love KBUTT's fortmat and your town. Shout out to Sarah Oktay!
Chuck Duvall donated $51.88 on 2/21/2017
Love KBUT! Listen daily from Austin, TX. Deadhead Ed is the best!
Sandy Funk donated $103.75 on 2/21/2017
My family loves Craig, welcome back to the sunday night airwaves...
J Rizzle donated $10 on 2/21/2017
Because Bonnie said I had to.
J Bean donated $25 on 2/20/2017
DJ Meltron rocks my world!
Lee Hilliard donated $155.63 on 2/19/2017
Birmingham loves Henrietta and KBUT!
Chris McCabe donated $50 on 2/18/2017
Thanks for helping to keep tings irey on the Kazakh steppe.
Tina and Nicholas Kempin donated $150 on 2/18/2017
I would be glad to pick up my Sweatshirt from the station if that saves KBUT shipping. Shoot me an email at if OK.
John donated $51.88 on 2/17/2017
I have been listening to Lonesome Bob while living all over the United States, and in Chile. Always turning it up for Bob!
Joe in Denver donated $20.75 on 2/17/2017
Keep rockin Bob!
Jen Greene donated $51.88 on 2/17/2017
Thanks for all you do!
Lynn Sikkink donated $51.88 on 2/17/2017
KBUT is the soundtrack of our lives in my house. We love you all!
Chris & Teresa Stone donated $25.94 on 2/17/2017
King Rat rocks!!!!!
Bud donated $51.88 on 2/14/2017
for Steve's show
Tricia K donated $50.94 on 2/13/2017
Thanks KBUT for being the fabric of the community.
Stark Biddle donated $103.75 on 2/13/2017
Love this station!
Mike Barr donated $51.88 on 2/12/2017
Rock on Jackson, Pat, Bish, Bud, Than, and all my fave DJs and slick producers/entertainers! Keep it up!
Jenn H donated $150 on 2/12/2017
Can't bear to think of a life without KBUT!
Run Sleep Design - Gunnison Design & Development donated $51.88 on 2/12/2017
Josh Eberly - Owner of Run Sleep Design, Gunnison Website Design and Development - KBUT helps me get through the day with cheer!