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KBUT 2017 Summer Drive

Fundraising global stats: 84% left

Amount raised: $7,358

Amount left: $37,642

KBUT is listener-supported radio. That means we need your support to stay on the airwaves. Help KBUT continue to bring you the programming and services you rely on. Make a donation right now. Don't wait! Help us reach our Summer 2017 fundraising goal.
   Recent Activity
Red Lady Films donated $25 on 8/10/2017
We love KBUT!
Erika Barse & Mike Howshar donated $5.17 on 8/9/2017
Thank you KBUT! For all of the wonderful things you guys do for the valley. You are truly the glue that holds this community together.
Benita Bellamy donated $51.75 on 8/9/2017
Love my K-BUT!
Katie Lew donated $15.53 on 8/9/2017
Kbut rocks my butt
Allison Massey donated $25.88 on 8/9/2017
Visiting this beautiful place from Austin and Iove the variety of music.
Michael Glaser donated $51.75 on 8/8/2017
KBUT, my lifeline to the community.
Beth Marcue donated $62.1 on 8/7/2017
KBUT is the best in the west (and the world)!
Hilary Henry donated $51.75 on 8/7/2017
yay KBUT!
Mel Harte donated $51.75 on 8/6/2017
A great way to support free speech and education!
Thunder Snow donated $100 on 8/4/2017
Two pairs of socks; ;no hat; never picked up winter beanie. 3 pairs of socks? Thanks. Keep it up. Les Choy's show
Ashley donated $50 on 8/3/2017
I'm pledging to keep hearing familiar voices on the airwaves. Thanks to Bonie, Chad, Mark, & many others for your hard work!
Melissa Brooks donated $77.63 on 8/3/2017
Love me some KBUT
Lynn Sikkink donated $51.75 on 8/2/2017
Thanks for all the hard work the volunteers do! We appreciate and love KBUT!
Sam Pankratz donated $51.75 on 8/2/2017
Love me some KBUT! You all are the best.
BARBARA & BOB KAUFFMAN donated $50 on 8/2/2017
Love NPR
Amie Anderson donated $103.5 on 7/30/2017
Thanks for all you guys do!
Charles Haley donated $207 on 7/29/2017
Not public comment: Just did not know how to fill out form: socks (L), shirt (M), visor; I will pick up at station Monday 8/31.
Rob donated $10.35 on 7/29/2017
Rock on, KBUT!!!
Martha G Clarkson donated $77.63 on 7/29/2017
The best, most unique radio and I love it!
Johanna Worley donated $100 on 7/24/2017
I've streamed KBUT in Wisconsin, Chicago and Costa Rica. Happy to be living here now to listen on my radio!!
Sam Lee donated $51.75 on 7/22/2017
Never heard a bad song!
Tracy and Venita Currie donated $500 on 7/20/2017
Thrilled to support KBUT.
Ashley UpChurch-Kreykes donated $51.75 on 7/20/2017
Thanks, y'all!!!
Sue and Pat Wallace donated $51.75 on 7/17/2017
KBUT makes me smarter and happier. How lucky are we to have KBUT?