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by Anonymous donated $100 on 2/4/2021
Muiz W donated $31.84 on 1/19/2021
Muneer P donated $500 on 1/13/2021
Noor Ud Din Wani donated $500 on 1/12/2021
Kalim D donated $277 on 1/5/2021
Afzal S donated $276 on 1/5/2021
Irshad, Mortada, Mohamed Shafiek donated $1813 on 1/4/2021
Donated for EMS Ambulance
R Bhat donated $500 on 1/3/2021
Giving is not just making a donation, Its about making a difference or change And together positively we can make change! Insha Allah
Irfan Qazi donated $500 on 1/2/2021
This donation is for the EMS Project. Request all to participate in the drive and help KASHMER to help Kashmir
Rueen A donated $500 on 12/31/2020
by Anonymous donated $150 on 12/31/2020
Fuad donated $2500 on 12/31/2020
David W Porter donated $30 on 12/29/2020
IB donated $1000 on 12/27/2020
Asif j donated $200 on 12/27/2020
by Anonymous donated $100 on 12/27/2020
Leila Rezai donated $1000 on 12/19/2020
Sandeep Mathrani donated $1500 on 12/18/2020
In memory of Tasneem Fatima (Ashai) Khan
John C donated $250 on 12/16/2020
In memory of Tasneem Kahn. What an incredible lady!
Riyaz Ahmad donated $100 on 12/15/2020
by Anonymous donated $101.89 on 12/14/2020