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Radio Equipment for Karuk Fire Crew

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This radio equipment will help the Karuk Fire Department and MKWC Fire and Fuels crews stay safe and operationally efficient during all fire events. National Interagency Fire Center wildland fire approved radios allow our crews to stay connected with interagency fire personnel, dispatch centers, emergency responders, and regulators during both wildfires and prescribed burns in areas too remote for cell phone communication. As you may have seen, lack of professional radio equipment can be a limiting factor during TREX and other prescribed burn operations like the one implemented in June at the ceremonial grounds on the south end of Orleans. Our late June burn was a powerful one, bringing community and tribal led early summer burning back to a culturally significant Karuk place for the first time in more than 100 years. While the burn was a success and proof point of our collective local ability, many of our crew members assigned to both holding and firing had to operate that night during the burn without radios, due to their scarcity in our organizations, where most work is accomplished by restricted grants and volunteers.
For these reasons, this purchase of radio equipment is mission critical. MKWC and the Karuk tribe are endeavoring to purchase radio communications equipment to outfit new Type 6 Fire Engines, crews and office staff. The total cost of the needed radio equipment is $80,000. To secure $60,000 in funding from the USDA for this purpose, the Karuk Tribe needs an additional $20,000 in match funding.

A full Bendix radio kit will cost between $2,000 and $2,700. Might you or someone you know join in to help purchase a kit or give $1,000, $10,000 or maybe even $20,000 to invest in connecting the Middle Klamath Fire to a better fire future? Also, can you help us think of other creative ways to reach this critical fundraising goal before September 30?
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In 1935 the State announced it had ended all ceremonial burnings, ritual burnings in the state. Now look where we are.
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Here's to better communication, safer fire fighters, and more good fire on the ground!