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Endowed Capacity - Fire Engine

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We work hard to revitalize cultural uses of fire.  Fire engines come from far and wide to help us get good fire on the ground.  Sometimes this costs money, sometimes people assist out of the kindness of their heart.  We still however miss opportunity to burn with our neighbors and help our local families protect their homes and the forest resources we all care about.  This is due in large part to the fact that we do not have a fire engine.  These trucks cost about $150,000 to have built.  We have written many grants to try to purchase one but they have all been turned down.

With your support we can lease a new Type 6 fire engine. This fire truck can be used to manage wildfires. It can earn revenue to sustain the lease payments, and help achieve sustainability for future generations! Lease costs for a truck like this are about $30,000 a year. This amounts to about $2,500 a month in lease payments for a 5 year period.

With a fire truck, we can get more prescribed burning done on the ground which will enhance availability of forest food and fiber resources; it will enhance wildlife habitat and protect water quality; and it will enable us to revitalize the indigenous knowledge, practice and belief systems of the Karuk people while helping our neighbors to do the same. Not only will this truck help to provide all these benefits and more, but it can also be assigned to wildfires to help protect lives and property throughout the the west, and in doing this raise additional funds to meet sustainability targets.

To make this happen, we are working to raise $60,000. $30,000 of this will go directly toward leasing this truck. It will cover the first years lease payments. The remaining $30,000 will be invested in the Endowment for Eco-Cultural Revitalization Fund. This should generate up to $1,350 per year to be used as general organizational support as an endowed investment.   

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