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The Endowment for Eco-Cultural Revitalization Fund

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The Eco-Cultural Revitalization Branch contains three primary integrated program areas. Led by the Deputy Director of Eco-cultural Revitalization, these programs integrate across many departmental functions. These functions are comprised of three integrated programs; Integrated Wildland Fire Management; Collaborative Stewardship; and Pikyav Field Institute programs. This branch is also the inspiration for The Endowment For Eco-Cultural Revitalization Fund.

With a total annual projected funding need of approximately $8,000,000 to $10,000,000 it would take an Endowment fund of approximately $200,000,000 to achieve full funding. Our target is to establish a $50,000,000 fund with a 4.5% annual payout to achieve about 20% sustainability or $2,000,000 per year. These funds would be used to cover baseline leadership and support positions along with providing general operating capital and supporting facilities improvements. We have been very successful in securing grant funds and managing programmatic growth.

Currently, this Branch has 1/2 of one position funded by base program dollars and sustains an approximate range of 20 to 36 positions with non reliable grant dollars. The goal is to find ways to feed program income from multiple sources into endowment growth. Being able to purchase equipment needed such as fire engines, water tenders, etc. will enable us to generate funds and/or provide non federal match to grant sources enables program sustainability. Organizing community workshops teaching people how to prepare forest food and fiber can provide goods for silent auctions so dollars can be leveraged even further in support of the cause.

Funding leadership positions at a living wage will help to secure and retain highly qualified staff positions to assure indigenous perspectives are leading the way. Across the spectrum of branch functions we can plan, implement, research, monitor, reassess and adapt practices employed over thousands of years in Karuk Territory while managing for both the public and tribal trust. We can relearn to live with fire in contemporary times, and we can teach others how to do the same. We can manage forested landscapes much better that federal and state agencies ever could alone.

Without revitalizing our indigenous knowledge, practice and belief systems, we will lose our cultural identity as Karuk People. We will slowly continue to lose our connection to ceremonies, our understanding of ecosystem process and function, and our sense of responsibility to the natural world. With all the impacts we see today from large, high severity wildfires, we need indigenous leadership more than ever before.  

If protecting communities from wildfire is something you support, we do that. If preserving indigenous culture is your forte, that is who we are. If educating youth is near and dear to your heart, it is close to ours too. If you believe that Climate Change is the great problem of our age, we are right there with you. If innovative approaches to looking at the world from a socio-ecological first perspective is what you care about, our values align.

Your support for this project will help us to achieve sustainability among a multitude of branch functions. 100% of your donation under this campaign will be contributed to the Endowment for Eco-Cultural Revitalization Fund. Other fundraising efforts enacted through the Click & Pledge platform will contribute a minimum of 50% to the Endowment, but will also help to achieve expedited short term success.  So set up a direct deposit for your charitable contribution, look for volunteer opportunities, or reach out to discuss other ways in which to help support our cause.

I challenge each and every one of you to make the biggest dent in our $50 million goal. Like The Endowment For Eco-Cultural Revitalization Facebook Page, support T-shirt fundraisers, share information through your corporate communications structures, and help us, help you, help the natural world.
If you have any questions about this project, please contact Jonathan Mohr, Outreach and Sustainability Planning Coordinator at 530-627-3446 or email