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Kairos Prison Ministry of South Carolina

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Joli, Philip and girls donated $30 on 10/27/2019
Traci and Jennifer Coleman donated $50 on 10/25/2019
Happy Birthday Art! We know how much joy you get working with the Prison Ministry! Love Traci, Jennifer, Morgan and Nick.
The Navarro Family donated $50 on 10/18/2019
Joe Da Via donated $100 on 10/12/2019
Gay and Bob Davis donated $50 on 10/10/2019
by Anonymous donated $5190 on 10/8/2019
Martha and Fred Feil donated $200 on 10/8/2019
Elizabeth G donated $100 on 10/7/2019
Randy Smith donated $25 on 10/2/2019
Prayers for Tami Cardaronella's team at the upcoming Kairos weekend!
Robbie's Tennis Team donated $50 on 10/1/2019
Larry B donated $150 on 9/19/2019
John and Linda O’Brien donated $20 on 9/18/2019
by Anonymous donated $120 on 9/18/2019
Compassion is a gift. Share your gift. Not just for those you know but toward all people. "GOD IS LOVE"
Jason A donated $1000 on 9/12/2019
Tim O'Connor donated $150 on 8/25/2019
Contribution for participation in Kairos 60 at Lieber CI