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For more than 20 years KAFM has served as an essential source of music, culture, and local community information and discussion not otherwise available on FM radio. Every day, 24/7 and 365 days a year, KAFM connects our listeners to our communities right here at home, by providing quality programming from our Team of Volunteer Programmers who deliver thoughtful commentary and the largest library of music on-the-air in Western Colorado.

Additionally, more than 200 local nonprofit organizations have been on our airwaves to talk about their causes and missions, promoting their events for free. Providing an invaluable resource for our citizens in need. This critical work is made possible by the contributions of KAFM Members and Underwriters who believe in the shared mission of KAFM and our Members: to create a more informed public — one invigorated by a deeper understanding and appreciation of events, ideas and cultures in our community.

KAFM relies on your tax-deductible contributions to provide Grand Junction with quality local programming. Your membership is more than just a gift to us, it's a gift to the community of which we are all a part of!

Become a Member of KAFM Community Radio today, your generosity ensures that our broadcasting represents ALL of the Communities in the Grand Valley, of Colorado.
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Nicole K donated $62.25 on 10/23/2020
Mary D donated $60 on 10/23/2020
Cruiser's B donated $120 on 10/23/2020
Karen S donated $100 on 10/23/2020
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by Anonymous donated $124.5 on 10/22/2020
The Wandering Minstrel donated $91.4 on 10/22/2020
Keep it going and we'll keep listening!
Julie Lopez donated $91.4 on 10/22/2020
Love Tony’s shows, Jazzway Blvd and Hour on Broadway
Karen L donated $25.94 on 10/22/2020
Thanks Tony Lop for a great program. Appreciate and admire your dedication.
Chris F donated $60 on 10/21/2020
Margaret C donated $20 on 10/21/2020
Mickey S donated $88.1 on 10/21/2020
Marla P donated $60 on 10/21/2020
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