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2018 Fall Fund Drive

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Amount raised: $23,504

Amount left: $2,996

It's time again for our annual Fall Member Drive from October 5th to October 12th.  KAFM relies on your tax-deductible contributions to provide Grand Junction with quality local programming. Your membership is more than just a gift to us, it's a gift to the community of which we are all a part! This Fall the GILL Foundation is matching $1500 dollars toward new members to KAFM. Please join today and help us to represent ALL of the Community with in the Grand Valley. Any Donation of $120 or more gets you into a Drawing for A Las Vegas Getaway- 2 Tickets to Van Morrison (Feb 1st) and 2 nights stay at Caesar's Palace!
   Recent Activity
by Anonymous donated $25.95 on 10/17/2018
Alan M donated $91.45 on 10/16/2018
I enjoy The Lacking Organization, hosted by Julius C. Lacking.
Julie L donated $50 on 10/16/2018
CAROL B WARD donated $25 on 10/13/2018
by Anonymous donated $10 on 10/12/2018
The Orbit Lounge has always been one of my favorite shows. It's so unique to Grand Junction and puts me in a great mood for Friday !
Chuck and Faye donated $60 on 10/11/2018
Love your music Blue Z. !
Deb donated $88.1 on 10/11/2018
I completely agree with Donna, KAFM is the best public radio station I've ever listened to
by Anonymous donated $30 on 10/10/2018
Damion Wagner donated $63 on 10/10/2018
Diana Rooney donated $10.38 on 10/10/2018
Carolyn S Day donated $62.28 on 10/9/2018
Cliff S donated $100 on 10/9/2018
Dusty W donated $120 on 10/9/2018
Bill R donated $75 on 10/9/2018
Susan Wood donated $91.45 on 10/8/2018
I love your service to the community!
Tyler Rutt donated $25.95 on 10/8/2018
bruce comstock donated $120 on 10/7/2018
My hat's off to Jazzy Jill and her passionate volunteer efforts for worth music and her community!
Shannon F donated $120 on 10/6/2018
Debbie Moriarty donated $100 on 10/6/2018
Doing my small part from Texas to keep the Lava Lamp lit!! Keeping if goin’, y’all!!! 🎶🎶🎶
DAVID J GEHERIN donated $30 on 10/5/2018
Jim and Diana Morneault donated $124.56 on 10/5/2018
Incredible radio station!
Denise S donated $120 on 10/5/2018
Ramona W donated $5 on 10/5/2018