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Junior League of Springfield, MO Little Black Dress Initiative 2019

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What is the Little Black Dress Initiative?

The Little Black Dress Initiative (LBDI) is a global initiative started by the Junior League of London to raise awareness of the impact of generational poverty.

For five consecutive days, Junior League of Springfield, Mo., (JLS) members will wear the same little black dress to illustrate the effects poverty has on a woman's access to resources, her confidence and per professional opportunities. By wearing a button that reads, "Ask me about my dress," members will invite and welcome dialogue among colleagues, friends and strangers to raise awareness about generational poverty.

What is generational poverty?

Generational poverty occurs in families where at least two generations have been born into poverty. Poverty and financial stress can impede a child's cognitive development and their ability to learn.

The poverty rate in Springfield, Missouri, affects nearly 25 percent of Springfield residents. That's higher than in Chicago or Washington, D.C.

JLS is committed to eradicating generational poverty in Greene County, and through efforts like LBDI, we are able to provide critical education on this issue and help raise money to effect change.

Who does your donation help?

LBDI helps us advocate for poverty awareness and supports our mission of promoting voluntarism, developing the potential of women, and improving our community through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers.

Additionally, JLS collaborates with many organizations that help support those affected by generational poverty. Our volunteers help package goods at Ozarks Food Harvest, offer support for at-risk teens at Rare Breed, provide childcare at Isabel's House, offer support to mentors through Big Brothers Big Sisters, and more!

Visit for more information about the Junior League of Springfield.

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