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What is the Little Black Dress Initiative?

The Little Black Dress Initiative (LBDI) is an awareness and fundraising campaign employed by many Junior Leagues around the world. The Junior League of Philadelphia (JLP) has chosen to participate for the first time on March 11-15, 2019. Participants will wear a black dress or black outfit, as they are able, for five consecutive days as a visible symbol of participation and to start conversations and raise awareness about food insecurity in the Philadelphia area. Wearing one black dress or outfit illustrates the crippling effects limited resources can play on one’s quality of life. Participants will also solicit funds from family, friends, and coworkers that will be donated to selected partner organizations that are aligned with the JLP’s Apple A Day Healthy Living Initiative™. Participation in this campaign is optional.

Benefiting Partner Organizations

The primary focus of JLP’s LBDI is to raise funds for community organizations that focus on eliminating food insecurity. We issued a ‘request for proposal’ to 15 organizations and received 14 responses. We thoughtfully selected four organizations to be the recipient of our fundraising efforts. Each identified partner organization will receive a minimum of $5,000 from the JLP. The JLP is matching every dollar raised up to $25,000. With the exception of the nominal fees that need to be paid to implement this initiative, all funds raised during LBDI will be donated to the four organizations listed below.


Face To Face

A donation of $5,000 to support approximately 2 weeks of hot lunches, served with hospitality and dignity.


The Food Trust
A donation of $5,000 to The Food Trust will send 24 classrooms of Kindergartners home with four weekends worth of fresh produce for their families.


Jewish Relief Agency

A donation of $5,000 to Jewish Relief Agency will fund 500 Family Friendly Bags, which include peanut butter, jelly, and healthy snack options.


Share Food Program

 A donation of $5,000 to Share Food Program will sponsor a food package for 250 low-income families.

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Quinetta Roberson donated $50 on 3/17/2019
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Jessica Morton donated $52.22 on 3/15/2019
Love this!
Katie R donated $137.25 on 3/15/2019
Glad to make the donation that puts you to your goal. Glad to support the need and your black dress is fabulous!
Ted donated $52.22 on 3/14/2019
Yo donated $21.11 on 3/14/2019
Go Team Go!
by Anonymous donated $259.62 on 3/14/2019
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Your name is Bennett and you ARE in it!
Salena W donated $30 on 3/14/2019
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My momma said “knock ‘em out”
Lauren Grant donated $20 on 3/13/2019
Paul Shaw donated $25 on 3/13/2019
Peggy Nateknee donated $52.22 on 3/12/2019
Erika on behalf of the Coleman family donated $108 on 3/12/2019
Wonderful initiative!