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2019 Membership Dues

We are pleased to announce an online payment process for 2019-2020 JLH dues!  This online option will make paying your annual dues convenient and manageable on the go. Both active and sustaining members can pay via our online service, and still have the option to donate to the Junior League of Harrisburg endowment. We have three endowment options available and encourage every member with the means to consider donating $19 for 2019 to help us make a difference in breaking the cycle of poverty for youth in Harrisburg. There is a $5.75 convenience fee for paying your annual dues online, and has already been added into the selected payment options.  Thank you for your continued membership in the Junior League of Harrisburg!
   Recent Activity
Ashley Kettering donated $115.75 on 5/5/2019
2019-2020 Sustainer Dues
Ali Fogarty donated $134.75 on 5/1/2019
Sophia K donated $115.75 on 4/30/2019
Amanda Glickman donated $115.75 on 4/30/2019
Emily Milby donated $115.75 on 4/24/2019
Mary Garton donated $134.75 on 4/23/2019
Kimberly P donated $115.75 on 4/23/2019
Jaci C donated $115.75 on 4/19/2019
Rosanna T Lindquist donated $134.75 on 4/12/2019
Melanie Lick donated $115.75 on 4/3/2019
2019-2020 dues
Angela Bertugli donated $115.75 on 4/3/2019
For 2019-2020 Dues