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by Anonymous donated $18 on 7/4/2020
Teri McGuire donated $18 on 7/2/2020
Heidi Handelsman donated $10 on 7/2/2020
by Anonymous donated $20 on 7/2/2020
In gratitude for the "Raising a Young Anti-Racist Jew" workshop by Imani Chapman and Franny Silvermann.
Laura Wernick donated $100 on 7/1/2020
Ilana Aisen donated $30 on 7/1/2020
With appreciation to Imani Chapman and Franny Silverman
Aly Viny donated $18 on 7/1/2020
On behalf of my participation in the "What Do I Say to My Young Jew?" workshop
Leah Seyburn donated $18 on 7/1/2020
Sam Sittenfield donated $100 on 7/1/2020
Pauline D donated $180 on 7/1/2020
Ali Shrago-Spechler donated $18 on 7/1/2020
Thank you to Imani and Franny for the incredible workshop
Daniel and Leah Reiser donated $18 on 6/30/2020
In gratitude to Franny Silverman and Imani Chapman for their training in the Antiracist Young Jew Workshop.
Stephanie Schwartz donated $100 on 6/30/2020
In support of participating in the Antiracist Young Jew workshop
Laura K donated $36 on 6/29/2020
Christine Terry donated $20 on 6/28/2020
Michele Freed donated $54 on 6/26/2020
Thank you to Ilana Kaufman, Riki Robinson, and the entire JOC Initiative team for your inspiring leadership and powerful work.
Joshua Fried donated $30 on 6/26/2020
Rachel Hall donated $10 on 6/25/2020
Abby Saloma donated $72 on 6/22/2020
Thank you to Ilana and the Jews of Color Field Building Initiative for the work being done to make our Jewish communities more equitable.
Eli Cohn-Postell donated $155 on 6/21/2020
Alex Seidel donated $54 on 6/21/2020
A father's day gift for Ethan Seidel! Thanks JOCI for your important work in this area!
Katherine Tyler donated $1 on 6/20/2020
Most Needed
Lyra donated $50 on 6/20/2020
Thank you for your work!