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Jameson Camp May Breakfast 2021

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Let us tell you a story:
Everywhere Jacob turned last spring, he heard confusing terms like pandemic, Coronavirus, and COVID-19.
His school was out for two weeks, then another, and then the rest of the year was canceled. Jacob’s mom, an essential worker, left each day and carried fear home each night that she might make her family sick. Jacob’s dad lost his job and overnight became a full-time third-grade homeschool teacher. 
One hope that Jacob and his family held on to was that he’d return to Jameson Camp for the second time come summer. The promise of friends, swimming pools, and nature hikes gave Jacob much-needed hope and an opportunity to forget the fear and stress.
But just as Jacob’s anticipation was growing, the camp closed for summer 2020. 
Try as they did, Jacob’s parents couldn’t fill his summer with fun.
The past fifteen months have been rough for kids. Kids like Jacob have faced so much fear, stress, disruption, and uncertainty. They need a bit of the ordinary more than ever. Jacob needs Jameson more than ever. 
Kids need you.
Jameson Camp is reopening this summer, and we are excited to welcome Jacob and his friends back to camp, but we need your help to do so. For as little as $200, you can send a kid to camp, giving them a week of outdoors, new experiences, friends, and fun.
Because of you, Jameson serves all children. With your support, we will provide summer camping experiences that value diversity by creating a rich environment of endless opportunities for growth, personal development, and fun.
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Alison K donated $250 on 5/16/2021
This gift is in honor of Tania Deng and her service to Jameson
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Here's to an awesome summer!
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Thank you Jameson team for all you do!!
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