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Robin Rottinghaus donated $100 on 5/24/2018
by Anonymous donated $25 on 4/7/2018
The Hoyt Family donated $10 on 3/31/2018
KC CORE- Menorah Medical Center donated $100 on 2/15/2018
Aunt Bobbi donated $500 on 2/1/2018
by Anonymous donated $50 on 1/29/2018
The Purk Family donated $50 on 1/21/2018
Jim Baker donated $1000 on 1/8/2018
Let's win the battle against SMA!
The Lockwood Family, Kim, Gloria, Angel & Belle donated $25 on 12/29/2017
We so appreciate your support when we first started this journey. Thanks for your assistance!
Mercy Health - Acute Rehabilitation Center donated $116 on 12/22/2017
In Memory of Jordan Eifert
Peter Ekegren donated $100 on 11/27/2017
jackie donated $25 on 9/19/2017
Thank you for the beautiful designs on your Etsy shop and for bringing awareness to this disease.
Edith Overs donated $25 on 3/27/2017
Go Johnson family! Love Nana Edie
Michael F donated $250 on 3/27/2017
Wingate Agency donated $100 on 3/22/2017
Todd and Kim Scott donated $100 on 3/20/2017
Dr. David Cobb donated $100 on 2/27/2017
Joel & Nancy Cushing donated $100 on 2/22/2017
In honor of Wesley L. Millett, an extraordinary man and his family!
Faith and Ed donated $50 on 2/11/2017
In memory of Lanny Millett
Mary & Bill Remillong donated $100 on 2/2/2017
In memory of Wesley L. Millett