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Jadon "The BUG" Burks attends Rolling Ridge Elementary which is a title 1 school in Olathe, Kansas.  This means that many of the students attending Rolling Ridge can not afford the already discounted entry fee for the BUG RUN.  In 2016 Katie Horner used her life long dream to of running the Boston Marathon to not only spread awareness for SMA but also to raise enough money for each student to run in the BUG RUN.  The kids' pride of running and also helping to support SMA kids across the country was very encouraging.  These elementary students were so empowered to run for those who can't.  We hope to get them ALL running again this year.

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Have a GREAT BUG Run!!! We love you guys!
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We are sorry we can't be there! I hope its a great event!
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Wish I could do more! Thankful to support this mission! It makes a difference.
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