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Jack Straw Cultural Center is the Northwest's only non-profit multidisciplinary audio arts center, dedicated to keeping arts and culture vital through sound since 1962. Jack Straw focuses on annual artist residencies through our Artist Support Program, our Writers Program, and our Gallery Residency Program; art and technology education for all ages; arts heritage partnerships; and radio production.Jack Straw Cultural Center exists to foster the communication of arts, ideas, and information to diverse audiences through audio media. We provide creation and production opportunities in audio media, including radio, theater, film, video, music, and literature.

Dedicated to the production and presentation of all forms of audio art, Jack Straw 1) produces high quality, innovative audio presentations; 2) commissions independent artists of all disciplines to create sound and audio productions; 3) provides arts and technology education programs for youth and adults; 4) collaborates with arts and heritage organizations to integrate sound and music into their programs; and 5) presents audio productions through events, exhibits, radio, film and the internet.

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by Anonymous donated $500 on 6/16/2021
Dominic donated $500 on 5/9/2021
Larry Laurence donated $1000 on 5/5/2021
In these strange & strained times, all the arts are survival tools! I'm happy to contribute to Jack Straw!
Esther H Sugai donated $100 on 5/5/2021
Thank you for all you do for our community
Esther H Sugai donated $50 on 3/19/2021
In memory of Paul Taub
by Anonymous donated $35 on 1/2/2021
Philip D Schuyler donated $250 on 12/31/2020
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Joan Hsiao donated $500 on 12/30/2020
note to Joan R - greetings. It was a strange year everywhere & sorry to have overlooked giving until this late date. Hope you are well.
Natalie A. Martínez donated $50 on 12/1/2020
Gracias for supporting the artists you do. Yes. Julia Freeman’s IRISIRIS. Yes. Jack Straw Writers and curators.
Martin Koenig donated $50 on 12/1/2020
Jim Lawler donated $1500 on 10/27/2020
by Anonymous donated $50 on 10/24/2020