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Family Fun Day is our Summer Vacation. We look forward to it all year!  - Project GRANDD grandmother


It's just one day, but Project GRANDD (Grandparents Raising And Nurturing Dependents with Disabilities) look forward to Family Fun Day because it is like a vacation to them. One day to forget about all the challenges that come with raising a child with special needs, a child who has often seen neglect and abuse before being placed in the care of their grandparent.  

This year we are taking 100 grandparents and grandchildren to Xdrenaline jumping park and we need your help!

There is something for everyone at Xdrealine - big, small, young and old! There will be jumping, rock climbing, a ninja course, virtual reality and lunch for everyone. After lunch the fun will start again, and we'll have Bingo with prizes for the grandparents and anyone too worn out for more. The families are so excited and we don't want to disappoint.

Your gift of:

$25 sponsors one child to Family Fun Day at Xdrenaline
$50 covers the cost for one child and one grandparent
$100 allows a family of 4 to enjoy Family Fun Day

Please be as generous as you can - we need your help to make this special day possible!


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Glad to help this wonderful cause!
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So sorry for your loss, best of luck rebuilding
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Planting seeds of hope for your rebuilding season!
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Keep up the good work!!
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Best wishes as you move forward!
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