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Education is a Lasting Investment

Competition is global – and intense. Our economic future depends on a diverse and highly educated workforce. Washington’s independent colleges and universities provides broad-based, academically rigorous learning opportunities for ALL students. These institutions prepare them for exciting careers that benefit not just themselves, but the state, the nation – and the world.

The 10 members of Independent Colleges of Washington (ICW) deliver education of the highest quality. Each is an accredited independent college or university committed to the development of the whole student. Diverse in programs, missions, and geographical locations, they serve the needs of many, making valuable contributions to their communities.

Consider giving to One or More of these Campaigns

ICW Board of Directors Scholarship Fund: Each year, gifts from the ICW Board of Directors fund a named scholarship awarded to one student at each college.

Matched Savings Scholarship (MS2: Your gift will help low income students save consistently for their college education by providing matching funds.

Leaders for Tomorrow Scholarship Fund: A single gift of any size to the Leaders for Tomorrow Scholarship fund helps students at all ICW colleges across the state. 100% of all scholarship gifts are distributed to our member colleges for student support.

Named Scholarship - $10,000 minimum: A gift of $10,000 or more can fund a new or existing scholarship to be awarded in your family or company's name, according to the criteria you choose.

New Endowed Scholarship - $20,000 minimum: A gift of $20,000 or more can generate resources to fund a $1,000 competitive scholarship each year, providing the gift of education in perpetuity. Scholarships will be awarded according to donor chosen criteria.

Current Endowed Scholarship Fund: A gift of any size to a current endowment fund will help to continue to generate resources to fund a $1,000 competitive scholarship each year.