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What is MS2?

The Matched Savings Scholarship, or MS2, is an innovative, privately funded, need-based financial aid program that pairs resources with eligible students pursuing a college education at one of Washington’s leading independent colleges and universities. MS2 makes college more affordable by matching student savings at a 6:1 ratio, giving students a total of $3,500 to use for tuition or approved educational expenses per enrollment year!

MS2 teaches and rewards a healthy habit of savings.

The MS2 program allows income-eligible students to enroll in college and graduate with, if not lower loan debt, lower financial stress and more time to focus on academics. By doing so, MS2 increases access for Washington’s low-income students. This allows them to acquire a lifetime asset and change the trajectory of not only their lives, but their families’ for generations to come.

MS2 is a managed and administered by Independent Colleges of Washington.

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cash addition to staff pooled tribute gift!
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For 30 years, I have admired the way VI has fought for students, first in Washington DC and then in Washington State. Thank you, Vi!
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With appreciation for Vi's work, her thoughtfulness, and what I have learned from her.
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