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ICAN is a free, family-centered youth service in the East Valley. They provide a full complement of programs proven effective in equipping youth to achieve personal and academic success by tackling substance abuse, gang involvement and juvenile delinquency.  Specifically, 8 out of 10 young people in the areas they serve are living in extreme poverty. Four of those children will go to bed hungry at night and eight will be using drugs or alcohol to cope with the harsh realities they face. Joining gangs becomes a more viable choice than graduation in the community ICAN serves. ICAN exists to combat these issues and build a strong future for our community.  ICAN is accredited by the National Council on Accreditation and was recently named “Outstanding After School Program” by the Arizona Center for After School Excellence.  For more information about ICAN, call 480.821.4207 or visit

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Sharon and Anthony Miles donated $200 on 4/27/2021
Thank you Preston Pilcher for inspiring this donation – for such a worthy cause. All best wishes for all success.
by Anonymous donated $50 on 4/27/2021
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If ya know, ya know :)
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Law enforcement should serve the community. Not play judge, jury and executioner.
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Jessica donated $40 on 4/19/2021
I saw the attempt that the local PD did there for the canned foods — shameful. You guys deserve better. I hope you get influx of donations.
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