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We had the opportunity recently to come alongside a young mom who was being reunified with her son. Though she had only requested two beds, it turned out she had moved into an apartment with no furnishings.  When the Called to Care volunteer team went to deliver the beds, we saw she was in need of many things, mostly spiritual.

Volunteers from a local church wasted no time meeting the physical and spiritual needs.

They showered her for the next week with homemade cookies, a ladies’ devotional book and card, a sofa, and a kitchen table complete with freshly cut flowers for a centerpiece. It was through moments of visiting with her and getting to hear her stories of hardships and triumphs that we were able to share with her about our loving God. He has provided all these things for her by His great love. Now she has an opportunity to give that same kind of love to her son. This young mom placed her faith in Jesus that week and has been attending church with one of the volunteers, who not only told her about God’s love, but demonstrated it through her actions. The son has been attending a mid-week children’s church program and the mom has been faithfully balancing her job schedule while caring for him.

Volunteering for deliveries is not always convenient, but as this story illustrates, when His faithful servants carry His message of love and forgive-ness, the timing is always perfect, and the reward is invaluable.

We are so very grateful for you!

Courtenay Puckett