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Lowndes 2019 End of Year Campaign

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This year we have had the opportunity to serve so many families with the basics of clothing and shoes for their school aged children.

It seems like such a small need, but we have seen it make a tremendous difference in the confidence of these children.

They were once on the receiving end of teasing and bullying due to the condition of their clothes and shoes and now they stand tall. It’s something many of us take for granted - being able to provide appropriate clothing and shoes (often to excess) for our children as they grow or seasons change. We have received many messages and pictures that we wish we could share with everyone, thanking us from the bottom of their hearts for providing their children, grandchildren, foster children with clothes and shoes and confidence. All the thanks goes to our wonderfully generous donors who provide the gently used items and funding for gift cards. Your generous donations allow us to provide a Journey Bag filled with comfort items and toiletries to kids coming into care.

So many groups, businesses and individuals have partnered with us bi-monthly to Love on Caseworkers by providing food, treats, and more!

Additionally, we have worked hard to build our relationship with our local DFCS office and were able to provide them with a Relaxation Room to rest and recharge during their stressful workloads. Earlier in the year, they also surprised us with a signed photo of their staff wearing their Called to Care shirts to show their love and appreciation for our ministry’s support.

We are so very grateful for you!

Claire Cook