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Coffee County 2019 End of Year Campaign

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This year we opened our Resource Center!  A 6,000 square foot building that includes a “store” where local children in foster care can shop for clothes, shoes, undergarments and toiletries of their choosing at no cost.  This facility has already proven to be a tremendous asset to our community and this ministry.

Two pre-teen girls in foster care made an appointment at the end of the school year to shop for summer clothes. When kids come to shop, we train a volunteer to become their “shopping buddy” for the day. Soon the girls were shopping at our Resource Center, giggling and “ooo-ing” and “aww-ing” over the clothes and accessories Coffee County residents had donated. They tried on their new clothes and held a mini-fashion show for their shopping buddies.

This simple time of shopping turned into a weekly mentoring relationship with their shopping buddy that continues today.

The girls attend church regularly and one professed faith in Jesus Christ over the summer! Both girls now volunteer their time at our Resource Center. Why? Because they said they felt loved and happy when they’re at Called to Care. We know that they feel happy because they’re experiencing the love of Jesus! The simple act of meeting the girls’ physical need for clothes, turned into an opportunity to meet their emotional and spiritual needs. The girls have been blessed, and they changed the lives of the volunteers who served them.

Thank you for all you do in Coffee County!

Gentry Colson