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Ben Hill / Irwin County 2019 End of Year Campaign

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Just a few weeks before Easter, we received a large and urgent request.  A teenaged girl was being brought into foster care.  Coming into foster care is difficult but even more so for most teens.  The majority of local foster homes do not take in teens.  This means most teens are placed out of their county and into a group home.  This is often devastating to be separated from family, friends, teammates, mentors, etc.  

Their loss can be almost unbearable. 

Because of Called to Care, this teen girl was able to be placed with an older brother. This is referred to as Kinship (Relative) Placement and can often minimize stress significantly. He was more than willing to take her in but, as a young man on his early 20s, he was not prepared to provide for her physically. That’s where we (and our generous donors) came in. We made a post on our Ben Hill and Irwin County Facebook Page about their needs and were able to get those items in just a matter of days. She needed a twin bed, bedding, pillow, nightstand, and dresser. We reached out to a local church about delivering these items and helping them set everything up. The church volunteers were able to start building a relationship with the girl and her brother. They communicated back to us on what additional needs they had. Will you join us in praying for this teen girl and her brother?

We are so grateful for you!

Lori Hancock