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In 2019, we had our first families to adopt children from the foster care system. These families became foster parents when Called to Care was started in Lanier County.

It’s actually a beautiful story of how the church can work together to fulfill the call. In this case, multiple families fostered and ultimately adopted children who are biologically related. They all attend the same church and are able to maintain an ongoing relationship between the siblings.

Initially, when the children came into care, they were all placed together in one foster home. However, this family was committed as a “foster only” home with no expectations to adopt.

Two other families in the church fell in love with these three teenagers and became foster parents in order to adopt the children.

Watching all of this unfold and seeing an entire church family love on these three children and their foster parents has been a true blessing to watch.

Thank you for all you do to support Called to Care in Lanier County!
Amy Griffin