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Ben Hill / Irwin Called To Care, Inc.

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The Called to Care Ben Hill and Irwin County chapter has had a long history of success supporting families through community involvement paired with the grace of God. We are so grateful that this year has been no exception! This year has brought unimaginable challenges and obstacles that seemed insurmountable as we fought to overcome the difficulties of the COVID-19 pandemic. Prayerfully, we worked to keep God at the center of our focus and charity at the center of our hearts, and through all the trials, it has never been clearer that God is on our side of this battle!

There have been countless times that we have had needs filled days or even hours before we knew the need would arise. A few months back we had a generous donor reach out and let us know that she wanted to donate some baby items, including diapers and a bouncy seat. We gratefully and humbly accepted this generous offer, but neither of us knew that later that very same day, Called to Care would get a call that a newborn baby had just been taken into care and needed those very same items! We are so thankful that God knew, and through your help and giving hearts, He answered our prayers before we knew to pray them.

On another occasion, we received a call that a family wanted to donate a twin bed and mattress to Called to Care. Before we could get the bed unloaded off of the truck for storage, we received another call about a grandfather in need of a twin bed for his grandchild! This also reminds us of a local grandmother recently called upon to take in five grandchildren. This change in her life was sudden and unexpected and she was in need of beds for these children. God knew we would have needs and we were able to meet this need because of our donors. Many relatives are given little to no support and Called to Care helps these families so that the children are able to stay with their relatives. Even when children can move in with family members or other familiar faces, it can still be such a traumatic change for them! These generous gifts help make their transition just a little bit easier. They make a world of difference in the lives of these precious children and they feel loved when they are given comfort items such as a bed, blanket, or pillow!

In times when we just couldn’t imagine how we would be able to fill upcoming needs of families -- when we were unsure how we would be financially able to take the next steps, God made your hearts shine. This year we received donations in the most crucial times. The difference these contributions make in the lives of our families are beyond words. We can’t thank you enough for everything you do to support these families. We would be so grateful if you would continue to do so in any way you feel led, but above all, please join us for praying for these precious children and the sweet and selfless families that work so hard to help them thrive.

Lori Hancock