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Helen R. Walton Children’s Enrichment Center will continue to provide high-quality early education for 240 children, while serving as a model facility in both its building and program design in order to show what childcare centers can achieve for families, affordably. The new Children’s Enrichment Center will feature:
• A layout designed with children in mind to evoke curiosity and foster learning.
• Blurred lines between indoor and outdoor learning.
• The first early childhood program in the nation designed and constructed with an emphasis on a toxic-free environment using only the safest building materials.

We are also partnering with Northwest Arkansas Community College (NWACC) to provide a lab school for their Early Childhood Education Program to empower students entering the field through real-life lab learning experiences. 

The Early Childhood Initiatives Center will include a:
• Training center to allow early childhood professionals to participate in training, view teacher child interactions, and discuss observations.
• Library, resource center, and technology hub.
• Collaboration room to promote continuous improvement, best practices, and innovative solutions as a catalyst for change.

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