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Karen Gardstrom and Rick Boothman donated $100 on 10/4/2020
Thanks Mary and Bill for your incentive to donate!
Marguerite Smith donated $500 on 8/19/2020
Thanks Bill and Mary for all you do for our community!
Kyle and Sharon donated $50 on 8/5/2020
In memory of Nick King.
Jeanne Montie donated $100 on 8/4/2020
by Anonymous donated $1100 on 8/3/2020
Charlotte Jameson donated $50 on 7/30/2020
Keep up the great work!
Rebecca E donated $150 on 7/30/2020
Tom Porter donated $100 on 7/26/2020
by Anonymous donated $100 on 7/25/2020
Katherine Glassner-Shwayder donated $50 on 7/25/2020
I look forward to tracking the progress of the Huron River Watershed Council in improving water quality of the Huron River and beyond!
Mark Karpenko donated $25 on 7/24/2020
Thank you Mary and Bill for matching the donation!
by Anonymous donated $50 on 7/24/2020
Molly M donated $50 on 7/23/2020
Marlene Chockley donated $50 on 7/23/2020
Thank you for protecting our water.
Richard Norton and Patricia Koman donated $250 on 7/17/2020
The Palms Family donated $250 on 7/16/2020
Abby W donated $250 on 7/15/2020
Cheryl and David D donated $25 on 7/14/2020
Diane O’Connell donated $250 on 7/13/2020
by Anonymous donated $20 on 7/10/2020
Mike Rankin donated $50 on 7/10/2020
Kristin K donated $250 on 7/9/2020
by Anonymous donated $20 on 7/9/2020
Nan Plummer and Jim Spencer donated $50 on 7/8/2020
Thanks, Bill and Mary! We love our river.
Deisha donated $20 on 7/8/2020
Oakwood Mp was a Huron/Wyandotte reservation, a tasteful, truthful museum display, etc. would be a good way to honor them& other Natives.