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Housing Works Inc

Fundraising global stats: 34% left

Amount raised: $6,601

Amount left: $3,399

Housing Works provides thousands of clients with lifesaving services such as:
Job Training
Medical Care
Mental Health Services
Case Management
Nutrition Counseling
Prevention Services
Legal Services
Dental Care
Youth Outreach
   Recent Activity
Shad Downey donated $75 on 5/26/2017 internal charity sale
by Anonymous donated $100 on 5/22/2017
Maureen Owens donated $50 on 5/20/2017
Linda Stevens donated $50 on 5/18/2017
Dan & Jill donated $100 on 5/13/2017
by Anonymous donated $25 on 5/12/2017
by Anonymous donated $167 on 5/8/2017
Nivi Narayanaswamy donated $50 on 5/5/2017
Toby Faulkner donated $200 on 5/1/2017
Something small so you can keep going with all your good.
by Anonymous donated $150 on 4/29/2017
In celebration of the loving union of Michael K and Michael C.
Jonathan Gray donated $50 on 4/28/2017
Donation inspired by Patricia Fox.
John A donated $50 on 4/27/2017
by Anonymous donated $100 on 4/26/2017
Richard Carey and Elizabeth Elder donated $25 on 4/25/2017
Paul Walker and Jay Snyder donated $250 on 4/25/2017
Kelley Drukker donated $50 on 4/25/2017
Karen W donated $50 on 4/24/2017
For Mason's big B'day because this organization means so much to him!
Christopher Morris donated $20 on 4/22/2017
MAISON 10 donated $1654.14 on 4/21/2017
This donation is made on behalf of MAISON 10 customers who selected Housing Works to receive 10% of the cost of their purchase in MAISON 10.
The Elbaum Family donated $2000 on 4/13/2017
by Anonymous donated $0.65 on 4/12/2017
by Anonymous donated $60 on 4/9/2017