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Summer Appeal 2021

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Picture yourself about to be released from the hospital after major surgery. You need a place to heal and convalesce, but you have no home to return to. That is where the Medical Respite Center comes in.

A partnership between Cook County Health and Housing Forward, the Medical Respite Center is the only program of its kind in suburban Cook County. The Center addresses a growing need among homeless individuals who were being discharged from hospitalization with nowhere to fully recuperate.

The Center helps individuals like Sherman who was diagnosed with frostbite so severe that it resulted in an acute infection. The only treatment was a double below-the-knee amputation. This surgery was life-changing.

Sherman persevered through a month of painful recuperation, learning to navigate his world in a wheelchair. His medical team felt he no longer needed hospitalization, but needed a safe place to fully recover. They referred Sherman to our new Medical Respite Center.

Housing Forward is passionate about providing innovative, responsive programming that address the complex needs of the individuals and families we assist. We rely on the support of the community to ensure highly impactful programs, like the Medical Respite Center. Please consider a generous donation to our summer campaign.