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Winter Appeal 2019

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Being homeless means every aspect of your life is in crisis.
Imagine that crisis compounded by a serious life-threatening health condition.

At 70 years old, Andrew became homeless after falling into a paralyzing depression following the loss of his partner and then his business. When Andrew arrived at the PADS Shelter, he had been homeless for two years. After a series of hospitalizations for a serious heart ailment, Andrew became the very first resident of Sojourner House—Housing Forward’s newest model of housing to disrupt the cycle of homelessness.

In partnership with MacNeal Hospital/Loyola Health, three of Sojourner House’s six apartments are dedicated to medical respite for those who would otherwise be discharged from a hospital back to homelessness. At Sojourner House, Andrew (pictured here with supporters at the Sojourner House dedication) was given the time and the space to manage his physical health problems and tackle the depression at the root of what landed him in our shelter. After two months of stability and recuperation, Andrew has moved into his own apartment and is living independently. Housing was the prescription to address his health and end Andrew’s homelessness.

This is what we do every day. We help people who are living through a housing crisis or are in the throes of homelessness. In fact, Housing Forward programs help almost 2,000 individuals and families with minor children each year, to avoid or overcome the devastating trauma of homelessness.

Because housing crises come in many forms, we offer a wide range of proven solutions including:
Emergency Assistance to prevent homelessness before it starts through one-time financial assistance and problem-solving
Permanent Supportive Housing, combining subsidized housing with case management for individuals with a disabling health condition
• Employment Readiness to improve employability, increase income potential, and find and retain sustainable employment

The good news is, homelessness is a solvable problem and you can be part of the solution. By supporting our work with a financial donation, you can help ensure that the safety net remains intact for the most vulnerable members of our community, like Andrew.

Thank you for supporting our mission.
Lynda Schueler, MPA
Executive Director

Opportunity for Year-End Tax Deduction: Donate appreciated assets (stocks, mutual funds, ETFs) and get a tax deduction for your gift. For your convenience, Housing Forward has a brokerage account to accept Depository Trust Company transfers of securities. Contact Gregory Bork at LPL Financial (312.967.4000 or Account #1897-8327. DTC#0075. Housing Forward is an Illinois non-profit organization qualified under 501(c) of the Internal Revenue Code. FEIN #36-387660. Thank you.