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Crossing Illinois For Housing - Patrick Quinn

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On August 11th, Patrick Quinn, artist and Ph.D. researcher, will begin a walk across Illinois to raise funds and awareness for people experiencing homelessness in the state. His approximately 190-mile trek will start on the muddy banks of the Mississippi River in Rock Island, Illinois, and his journey will end a week later in downtown Chicago at Grant Park—a few blocks from Lake Michigan.

One of Quinn’s goals for the walk is to demonstrate how a humble act, such as walking, can influence social change—on both small and large scales. He views the walk as an opportunity to learn more about homelessness in Illinois, particularly from people living on the periphery of society. Quinn plans to stop at various shelters throughout the course of the walk, to meet people experiencing housing crisis, to hear and share their stories. His project is inspired by the 2001 walk across Illinois undertaken by the late Dr. Quentin Young and his father, former Governor Patrick Quinn, to promote the Bernardin Amendment, a proposed amendment aimed to establish healthcare as a fundamental right for all Illinois citizens.

Housing Forward is a grateful recipient of his fundraising efforts. 

Follow his journey on Instagram: @ultracryp

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Paul donated $50 on 8/21/2019
Loving your journey!
Lynda Schueler donated $104.1 on 8/19/2019
Great job Patrick!
Pat Quinn donated $519.1 on 8/19/2019
The longest journey begins with the first step - JFK A walk well done, Patrick!
William Morgan donated $10.72 on 8/17/2019
by Anonymous donated $47.04 on 8/15/2019
Great job. Thanks for helping Housing Forward.
Santa Fe Restaurant donated $207.85 on 8/14/2019
Good luck Patrick
Veronica Siegle donated $52.23 on 8/13/2019
We are all walking right there with you in spirit Patrick. Just amazing and inspirational.
Matt & Liz Blume donated $259.72 on 8/13/2019
Harold and Nancy Byers donated $100 on 8/12/2019
Joseph G donated $50 on 8/12/2019
Davey Quinn donated $1532 on 8/10/2019
May the road rise to meet you
Armando L Smith donated $100 on 8/10/2019
Tom Quinn donated $311.6 on 8/10/2019
Good luck, Patrick. This is a great cause! Uncle Tom
Mary Anne Staniszewski donated $52.23 on 8/10/2019
by Anonymous donated $20 on 8/5/2019
Andrea Raila donated $259.72 on 8/4/2019
Patrick what a great idea and cause! Cheering for you all the way be safe out there.
Marian donated $10.72 on 8/4/2019
Thank you for undertaking this important project, Pat. Rooting for you on your journey across Illinois, working to end homelessness.
Anthony Hebert donated $111 on 8/3/2019
I wish you the best of luck, cousin! Especially for such a noble cause.
The Buinauskas’ donated $50 on 8/1/2019
LAURIE & MARTIN KLOMSTAD donated $104.1 on 7/30/2019
Jean and Dave Hancock donated $100 on 7/30/2019
So proud of you Patrick!
Julie Hancock donated $250 on 7/30/2019
Good luck Patrick! You are wonderful!
Steve Stroh donated $26.29 on 7/25/2019
Good luck, Patrick!!!
Dan Aiello donated $20 on 7/19/2019
Good luck Champ!
Kim Mangiaracino donated $26.29 on 7/17/2019