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After my daughter received her glasses she made the Honor Roll for the first time!

When she first picked up her glasses she looked around the room and she shouted “I SEE SOO CLEARLY”.
It was like she was seeing the world more clearly.  This moment brought tears to my eyes.

Hopefully all donors could continue to donate so that this program can continue to change the lives of other children like my daughter. May “God Bless” each and every donor. “Thank you for caring for my child”.

Introduction to the VisionFirst camera -
Longer vision video -
Thank you for helping my daughter see the world -
Educare video -
10 Steps to a Healthier You - https://youtube/42IsqrjNtNM


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Nora Campos who told me about this worthy organization
Shelly Viramontez donated $150 on 9/21/2021
The amazing work you do to support the needs of students and families.
Emily Hennessy and Bryan Smith donated $1000 on 9/20/2021
To support the 2021 ABC event. I am sorry that I am not able to attend due to family medical issues. I hope the event is a great success!
Sujatha Ranganathan donated $1200 on 9/18/2021
Thad P donated $1000 on 9/16/2021
2021 ABC Kids Sponsorship
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For a table at the ABC Fundraiser event
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Sponsor for the HKF Benefit Dinner
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Good luck at the ABC Kids event, sorry we can't be there.
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Harper Duong Nguyen
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