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Hunger For Success

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Target Audience
  • 100-1,000 people serviced by a food bank in year one
  • College ready youth: 15-18 years old
  • Unemployed Adults
  • Underemployed Adults
  • Out of the 920,000 people served by the Oregon Food Bank, 74% live below the Federal poverty level, and only 27% have a full time job.  Through research, we know that higher education and training allow people to live above the Federal poverty level.  At HUNGER FOR SUCCESS™, WE ARE feeding ambition, hope, and change for those we serve.™  WE want to help High School-aged (College-ready) youth; 13% of youth serviced by the Oregon Food Bank are age 12 to 17, and 10% are age 18 to 23.  That is a total of 211,600 college-ready children.2   Then we want to help 382,677 people with part time work (underemployed) and people without jobs (unemployed).3  References: 2Oregon Food Bank Food Report 2012, Page 6. 3Oregon Food Bank Food Report 2012, Page 8.
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As the director of Grace Matters I am continually impressed with this organizations professionalism and ongoing encouragement for other.
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