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Lisa Siders Kenney donated $50 on 4/30/2017
In memory of Esme Kenney
Teresa Tomassoni donated $100 on 4/1/2017
With much love and memory for Stacey.
Marilee Eaves donated $100 on 3/31/2017
With profound gratitude
by Anonymous donated $50 on 3/31/2017
VORTEXT was life-changing. With love and thanks for everyone at Hedgebrook and with gratitude for Rebecca and in honor of Stacy Bakula.
Erica Bauermeister donated $40 on 3/31/2017
Thank you for the gift of time, of peace, of great minds around a long wooden table. What you do is extraordinary.
Heather Johnson donated $50 on 3/29/2017
Thank you for remarkable work.
Mary Willis donated $50 on 3/28/2017
This for Stacy Scholarship fund
by Anonymous donated $50 on 3/28/2017
I had so much admiration for Stacey, and am grateful to have known her, if even for such a short while.
Susan Leavitt donated $150 on 3/7/2017
Sorry to miss the event March 26!
Donna Barnes donated $50 on 12/31/2016
Hedgebrook believed in me by offering a residency in 1995. The experienced changed my life and helped me pursue my writing career.
Susan Eisenberg donated $50 on 12/31/2016
One of my most treasured friendships today began when we met at Hedgebrook six years ago. Thank you!
Kay Sprinkel Grace donated $250 on 12/30/2016
Thank you for all you do, and for keeping Hedgebrook strong!