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Healing Strides of VA

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Healing Strides of VA (HSVA) serves a population of children and adults in the Roanoke Valley and surrounding areas. We provide services for an umbrella of disabilities including cognitive, emotional, and/or physical with approved medical form. We specialize in the needs of people with multiple diagnoses.

We also offer a ground-based Mental Health and Education Program serving children, adults, and groups. This program is proving to be impactful in all populations facing issues such as Trauma, PTSD, and abuse (physical, sexual, and emotional). Our largest populations in these programs are Veterans, children in the foster care system, at-risk youth, and adults with PTSD. We also offer Leadership, Professional Development, and Team Building groups.

HSVA was also recently named one of only 5 US Equestrian Federation/United States Para-Equestrian Association National Para-Equestrian Dressage Centers of Excellence.

In 2017, we provided approximately 5000 lessons, with our largest population served being individuals on the autism spectrum and recorded over 7000 volunteer hours. We are also the largest serving equine center in VA.

   Recent Activity
by Anonymous donated $135 on 5/19/2020
Two in person mental healths sessions one zoom session.
Kathleen H Riordan donated $100 on 5/11/2020
Happy to donate to Healing Strides as part of the May 100+ Women Who Care SML May community impact donation to local charity of my choice!
Jessica B Downing donated $1000 on 5/8/2020
Ltill donated $150 on 5/5/2020
Karen D Kennedy donated $100 on 4/27/2020
Donation on behalf of SML 100+ Women Who Care. I've always been a horse lover, and this is a great way to use them for healing!
Wendy G donated $100 on 4/24/2020
Bill Chafin donated $50 on 4/23/2020
For the kids
by Anonymous donated $85 on 4/21/2020
mental health sessions one via zoom one in person
Maria & David Fibiger donated $50 on 4/20/2020
Fortunate to still be working during COVID-19, so we're donating some of our stimulus check to wonderful organizations negatively impacted.
Emerson & Ellen Harvey donated $25 on 4/18/2020
by Anonymous donated $35 on 4/14/2020
Mental health session
Vickie Thomasson donated $50 on 4/8/2020
Donation is in honor of volunteer Kathleen B's birthday. 🤗
Shannon D donated $140 on 4/6/2020
Online classes
Cheryl Entwistle donated $140 on 4/6/2020
Online classes for Eloise Entwistle
Wendy G donated $190 on 4/6/2020
For "online classes" for Cayden Chitwood , additional $ is a donation
Emerson H donated $25 on 4/5/2020
Karen Clingenpeel donated $140 on 4/3/2020
Cortney Online classes
Beth Limon donated $140 on 4/3/2020
online lessons for Kayley Limon
by Anonymous donated $140 on 4/3/2020
For Online lessons- CJ Amend
Elizabeth Limon donated $200 on 4/2/2020
Payment for Kayley Limon-previous session
The Andersons donated $140 on 4/2/2020
Thank you for taking care of HSVA during the health crisis
Mar Leclaire donated $50 on 3/29/2020
Greg and Nancy Parvana donated $50 on 3/29/2020
Thank you for all that you do
Laura Searles and Patrick Stoll donated $250 on 3/23/2020
We love to support such a wonderful organization. Keep helping people and stay safe until this is all over!
Morgan Adams donated $20 on 3/21/2020