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Your Hackensack RiverCreepers are seriously pumped for this year’s World Series of Birding on May 11. It’s the 36th running of New Jersey Audubon’s spring classic and we’re hoping for a good mix of lingering winter birds plus spring migrants to make the day a success. You can help make that happen – and celebrate the continued recovery of the Hackensack River, its habitats and wildlife with an earmarked WSB donation today. If you prefer to make a per-species pledge, email  On behalf of the birds whose habitats we work to protect, THANK YOU! 

- Captain Hugh Carola

We would LOVE for this to be the year we crack that still-elusive $10,000 mark. If you’ve supported us before, you know the drill; if you’re new to the WSB, here’s how it works:

Click HERE to e-mail me your per-species pledge. E-mail me your name, mailing address, phone number and amount of your pledge. After the WSB, I'll send you our species list and a SASE for your tax-deductible donation (our count X your pledge amount). OR…
It’s quick and secure via Click&Pledge. I’ll send you the species list & our compliments once the event is over and I’ve rested up.

And that’s not all: Ten percent of the funds you help us raise will be dedicated to our Ron Vellekamp Environmental Scholarship, which each year awards $1,000 to a deserving high school graduate who demonstrates a strong commitment to the environment. Now in its 19th year (!) we’re counting on our WSB supporters to keep the scholarship going strong.

Your Hackensack RiverCreepers are sponsored by our good friends at ShopRite, whose sponsorship enables us to compete as a Level I Team; and supported our buds at Toyota of Hackensack, whose loan of a Highlander enables us to bird from 3AM to10PM in comfort & safety.

As always, thank you for your time, your support and for standing with Hackensack Riverkeeper as we work together for clean water, protected habitats and your right to enjoy them all.

See you at the river,


Captain Hugh Carola

PS. Feel free to share the WSB on Facebook & Instagram, Tweet (@HackensackRiver) and forward this e-mail to anyone and everyone who cares about birds & wildlife. Thank you!

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Keep up the good work. Hugh, you’re a treasure
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Hugh and team, have a great day.