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When you were a kid wouldn't you have loved an after school program that taught you about your watershed, its inhabitants, and the problems we all face with pollution? AND that was fun? 

Well, with your help Hackensack Riverkeeper can make it possible for about a dozen students to participate in just such a program, the Junior Stewardship Program which began in 2018. Your donation, in any amount will go towards funding some special program trips, including Sharks in the Dark at the New Jersey State Aquarium. 

It is a time for giving, and anyone making a donation between now and #GivingTuesday will have their names entered to win a trip for two on one of our 2019 Meadowlands Eco-Tours. More details on this exciting new program to follow in the coming months.
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Nancy Immel donated $100 on 12/7/2020
Shannon C donated $50 on 12/5/2020
Hailey Benson donated $30 on 12/2/2020
We need Clean Water in our communities! I love volunteering for your cleanup programs, I'm glad I could support this program as well.
Joseph D donated $25 on 12/2/2020
Amy Winikoff donated $100 on 12/2/2020
I'm proud to support Hackensack Riverkeeper’s Clean Water Programs because they protect, preserve & restore our water!
Josh Marotti donated $25 on 12/1/2020
elana donated $25 on 12/1/2020
Jennifer Schneider donated $25 on 12/1/2020
Emily Ginder donated $75 on 12/1/2020
Nina And Dom Bianco donated $50 on 12/1/2020
Thanks for your tireless commitment to saving our environment!
Vito A Gallo, PP donated $50 on 12/1/2020
Thank you for all the good work that you are doing to restore the Hackensack River & Newark Bay!
by Anonymous donated $20 on 12/1/2020
Linda Flynn donated $50 on 12/1/2020
Kay Osborn donated $10 on 12/1/2020
Owen donated $50 on 12/1/2020
Laura M donated $100 on 12/1/2020
by Anonymous donated $50 on 12/1/2020
Michael Colizza donated $50 on 12/1/2020
Kristine Kour Tomesch donated $250 on 12/1/2020
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Douglas W. donated $40 on 12/1/2020