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Grow Native Ecology Challenge 2019

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Support the Grow Native Ecology Challenge

Our 2019 Goal: $15,000.
Your gift supports Grow Native's community-based programs, which empower our members to create and revitalize native habitat around the state. From restoring woodland in Nahant, to growing pollinator gardens at schools in Watertown, Grow Native community members of all ages are improving the ecological health of their local neighborhoods. 

Your gift will be generously matched for even more impact!
Every dollar raised during this Challenge is vital to our programs. A generous donor has pledged to match your gift dollar for dollar. Give today to help us to make the most of this wonderful matching gift, and to reach our $15,000 fundraising goal.

Our Community Service Project 

On July 13th, our Ecology Challenge fundraisers will bring their skills and knowledge about ecology and native plant landscapes to a special community service event—a BioBlitz to collect valuable data and assess the biodiversity of the Allandale Woods in Jamaica Plain.

At 86 acres, Allandale Woods is the second largest intact woodland within the city of Boston. Primarily a secondary growth oak-hickory forest, it is also home to some uncommon exotic species that have spread from the nearby Arnold Arboretum. The goal during our exploration of this beautiful woodland will be to identify and count as many species of plants, animals, and fungi as we can. The data we collect will be valuable to current and future biodiversity assessments of this special landscape, and will be shared with the New England Botanical Club Herbarium, the Boston Parks Department, and other community groups.

Through our programs, including our Workshops (left) and our Native Plant Sale (right), we teach people why native plants are so important, and give them the tools to create and steward native plant landscapes.

Visit  to learn more about our programs, and to access valuable information about the importance of native plants to you and to all life.

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Wishing you great success in your endeavor to create native gardens and recreate ecosystems.
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We love plants and Ellen.
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