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Thank you for your generosity. Our mission will never change, but the way we're taking action looks a little different right now! To meet the needs of families and young people in this time of crisis, Green Plate Special is now acting as a food distribution center, providing grocery bags (including fresh GPS produce and recipes), nature/food educational content (online and offline, to ensure it is accessible to as many families as possible), and ready-to-eat meals to several partnering organization. Our mission is to inspire and empower youth through growing, cooking, and sharing food - we're just putting a little extra emphasis on "share" during these tough times.

Our goal is to raise $200,000 to continue supporting our community. With all programming and fundraising events cancelled at this time, we are relying on you to continue….

  • - Packing and distributing bags of groceries and ready-to-eat meals for organizations like The Atlantic Street Center, New Horizons, Friends of the Children, and more in partnership with the Seattle Community Kitchen Collective, PCC, and many other local businesses.
  • - Providing educational resources in a time of social distancing: gardening and cooking class videos, recipes, food and environmental articles, activity sheets, game instructions, and more.
  • - “Keeping the lights on in our kitchen” and preparing our staff to jump back into programming when it once again becomes safe to do so.  

We can't do this work without you! From all the educators, coordinators, families, volunteers and young people of the greater Green Plate Special community... Thank you so, so much!
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Have always loved this organization, and we appreciate how you have pivoted in this moment to continue to support the community <3<3<3