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A program of nonprofit art house The Grand Cinema and one of MovieMaker Magazine’s 50 festivals worth the submission fee for the past six years, the annual Tacoma Film Festival (TFF) is the South Sound’s premiere film event.

The Tacoma Film Festival celebrates excellence in the art of film, offering a lively and empowering network of resources in service to our city, the Pacific Northwest, and the independent film world.

Connecting with an audience is a transformative learning experience for filmmakers and just as impactful for the audience.

Have you ever wanted to share why a movie mattered to you with the person who made it? Do you want to learn to share your own story and connect with storytellers from around the world? This is what TFF makes possible with the support of our community, donors, and partners.

“I could feel the pulse of the community.” - Iyabo Kwayana, TFF filmmaker alum

Each October, festival goers enjoy a lively week of films, workshops, events, and discussions throughout our downtown Tacoma neighborhood: at The Grand Cinema and local businesses, studios, and arts venues.

Filmmakers visit classrooms and share with students. Neighbors open their homes, hosting visiting filmmakers. Students sign up for a festival pass, giving them access to films for free. King’s Books, a beloved independent bookstore, transforms annually into The Veldt, our free virtual reality studio. Alma Mater Tacoma offers state of the art performance spaces where, in 2018, we curated music videos along with live music, and presented the transfixing performance art of Miwa Matreyek.

Last year, the Pythian Temple provided the perfect venue for a retrospective of experimental 16mm short films, and the Tacoma Arts Community Center provided space for free workshops.

“The programming at TFF had such a progressive vision of cinema. The festival had a definite voice and created a warm atmosphere for filmmakers and cultural workers. This was the first film festival I attended where the acknowledgment and recognition of indigenous people and their land was made visible. I appreciated that intentionality” - Masami Kawai, TFF filmmaker alum

At TFF, connections are made between artists, audiences, and community. This means a lot to our creative economy too: for local filmmakers and creative professionals, a festival is one of the few opportunities they have to meet and connect with others in the industry from outside the Northwest.

“One of the most diverse and current selection of films, shorts and new media that I have ever experienced in a film festival. I met people there that I will continue to be connected to for a long time.” - Juan Carlos Zaldivar, TFF filmmaker alum

Making a festival accessible is a labor of love and a community investment.

Without donor support, we cannot host free programs and screenings, create a welcoming festival for visiting filmmakers, or make the Tacoma Film Festival free to local students.

The overall travel, lodging, education, and free event budget for the Tacoma Film Festival approaches $35,000 each year. Our sponsors, members, and community come together to address these expenses.

Please take a moment and find the level of giving that works best for you and your involvement with the Tacoma Film Festival. Planning on getting a VIP festival badge this year? It’s included as a perk at every level starting at $250.

“Outreach and programming are top tier... the atmosphere is really Tacoma specific - I felt very proud to be a Tacoma filmmaker when TFF represents so strongly. I can't say enough about the incredible, professional, smoothly presented job [TFF] did.” - Kat Odgen, local filmmaker

Thank you for taking the time to support the arts and this wonderful festival!