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At the Youth Experiential Training Institute (Y.E.T.I.) it is our mission to develop grit in all youth through challenging outdoor adventure. Our programs develop the skills, confidence, and character to thrive in the outdoors and in life. By mitigating financial, gender, and cultural barriers we ensure that nothing stands between a child and the outdoors. 


We rely on donations to offset our program and operational costs. This enables us to keep prices affordable while still ensuring the safety of all of our participants so they can have fun while learning new skills. 


The Youth Experiential Training Institute uses the outdoors as a tool to help students reach their full potential. We engage them with nature. We challenge them. We let them get dirty. We help them push on when they fear they cannot go any further. We provide them with a safe and supportive learning environment. We laugh with them.

We teach them hard skills, like belaying a climbing partner, using an ice axe to safely self-arrest while glissading, or building a z-drag to unpin a raft. We teach them soft skills, like supporting their peers through trying times, working as a key component of a team to reach a common goal, or having empathy for the wild, natural spaces of our earth that need protecting.

We let them make mistakes. We help them reflect. We let them grow.

All the money you donate goes directly to fund our programs. 

$250 funds training a Lead Guide
$100 supplies equipment for a 3 days trip
$60 pays for a day of meals on a trip for 12 participants
$30 pays for a day trip one participant

Learn more about Y.E.T.I. at! Thank you for your support!