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Operation Java

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Global Conservation Force is partnering with the Ujung Kulon National Park Authority and Friends of Rhino Foundation to help protect the Javan Rhino.  The goal of the project is to create secure conditions for the marine and terrestrial biodiversity in and around Ujung Kulon National Park to thrive.  The formation and implementation of a marine protection unit (MPU) will help deter rhino and bird poachers and illegal loggers and fisherman from entering the park bounds via the sea. 

The implementation of an MPU involves not only the purchase of operational equipment such as boats, gear, fuel, etc. but also getting the ranger teams staffed. A fully-operational MPU will require two teams, each consisting of seven individuals: one park ranger, two boat crew members, and three local communities, and one coordinator.

map of Ujung Kulon National Park, with items and costs of elements needed for the ranger team.  Also included is a list of species that will be protected.

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