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Giraffe Protection

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As of the end of 2015, the IUCN provisionally listed the global population of Giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis) as of Least Concern.  However, this conservation status may not be the most accurate representation of the giraffe’s global population.  Giraffe’s global populations are in flux: southern populations are increasing, and northern populations are decreasing.

The main causes of giraffe population decline are habitat degradation and poaching.  Giraffe also face challenges from civil unrest, and human encroachment on their habitat.  Since 1999, the giraffe’s global population has declined from about 140,000 animals to under 80,000 animals; more than 40% population decline in 15 years.  If this declining population trend continues, it may warrant listing the giraffe under a high category of threat.

Giraffe are not currently protected under CITES.

Global Conservation Force has supported multiple Anti Poaching Units that oversee the protection of Giraffe and the Founder, Mike Veale, actively patrols with multiple APUs every year. GCF has partnered with the Institute for Conservation Research, David O’Connor, with a wild giraffe study and anti poaching project and has supplied APU gear and a drone to maximize the impact made. We will soon be pairing with the Giraffe Conservation Foundation to support research and conservation of wild giraffe by donating necessary tools and equipment for anti poaching related tasks.