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More than 1,000 rangers have been killed worldwide and many more injured over the last 10 years. More than 1,200 rhinos are killed annually for their horns. Giraffe populations have decreased by 40% in the last 15 years. An average of 33,000 elephants are poached for their ivory tusks each year.  Global Conservation Force is dedicated to saving wildlife from extinction through education, anti-poaching, and conservations efforts. Now is the time to act to save these iconic animals and we can't do it without your help. 

GCF is 100% volunteer-run, so every dollar we raise goes directly to our projects, and is tax-deductible.  Donation subscriptions are gifts that give all year long - by subscribing to a monthly donation you're giving endangered species a greater chance of survival.  Global Conservation Force has many anti-poaching, conservation, and education projects to choose from:
  • ~ Operation Rhino Shield - Protection of the 5 remaining rhino species
  • ~ Rehab and release, protection, and education awareness for the eight pangolin species
  • ~ Research, protection, and conservation of giraffe in the wild
  • ~ African Painted Dog protection and improved conditions for domestic animals
  • ~ Support of our snow leopard protection and conservation research drone project
  • Saiga Antelope protection and conservation.
  • Anti-poaching ranger education, training, and recruitment
  •  ~ Anti-poaching ranger gear and other vital supplies
  • ~ Support of our mounted anti-poaching units fighting to keep giraffe, rhino, elephant, pangolin, lion, cheetah, and leopard safe
  • ~ Operation Java - protection of marine and tropical habitat that is home to coral, sea turtles, Javan rhino, pangolin, dhole, and Javan banteng
  • ~ Operation Kenya - general support for the implementation of an anti-poaching unit that will protect elephants
  • ~ Education, food, water, and sustainability projects for kids in rural Africa
  • ~ Outreach - Educational trips for local children into the national parks for education outreach
   Recent Activity
Stephanie Deacon Aho donated $65 on 2/26/2020
I found GFC thanks to a friend who posted a link on FB- I did some research and found this to be a wonderful org. that really needs support!