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Wildlife Conservation Education in Vietnam

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Conservation education programs in support of
demand reduction for illegal wildlife products in Vietnam.

Vietnam is one of the largest consumers of illegal wildlife products. According to USAID, it is a principal destination and transit country for illegal African rhino horn and elephant ivory. Pangolin products are also in demand, and poaching of Vietnam’s native pangolin is commonplace.

Demand for illegal wildlife products is often fueled by low living conditions and a lack of appropriate education. By investing in conservation education programs, we will enrich the knowledge of students through hands-on experiences, nurture their love for wildlife, and influence more generations to care for the species in their home.

Education Program

In 2018, Wildhand created a program for elementary students at Thuy An Primary School in the Ba Vi district of Hanoi to teach youth about these conservation issues close to home. The response from the students at the end of the program was hugely successful in bringing awareness to issues and empowering young conservationists. In partnership with Wildhand, Global Conservation Force hopes to bring conservation education to more of Vietnam’s classrooms.

The new program will be free for interested students in areas where human-wildlife issues are especially prevalent. and aims to reach more than 200 middle schoolers and 100 parents and guardians near Tam Dao National Park, one of the most important, diverse ecosystems in Vietnam with more than 2,000 plant and 840 animal species. The curriculum is designed to be a 10-lessons that span from September to November 2020 and includes a plethora of games, discussions, educational booklets, pamphlets, and field trips to give students a wide perspective on conservation and current issues facing wildlife. Global Conservation Force and Wildhand hope to collect more pledges from students and families to commit not to hunt or use wildlife products and spread their knowledge into their communities.

About Wildhand

Wildhand was founded in May 2017 and is affiliated with the Veterinary Medicine Department at Vietnam National University of Agriculture. Its mission is to protect wild animals and improve animal welfare through increasing awareness and creating opportunities for youth to experience wildlife.

About Global Conservation Force

Global Conservation Force is a 501(c)3 organization founded in California in 2015. We are dedicated to fighting poaching and extinction through education, conservation, and anti-poaching efforts. GCF is 100% volunteer-run, so all funds raised go directly towards conservation efforts.

By focusing on the next generations, we have the opportunity to influence them to make positive choices as environmental stewards. Global Conservation Force is committed to making a difference for our future, and we hope you'll consider giving back this holiday season to support students and animals around the world.
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